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Welcome to Martin's, Tips and Tricks with SAS®.


Somewhere in 2000 I started to use SAS as a tool for Business Intelligence.

Since 2007 I’m using SAS as my main tool and have been doing so ever since. I've encountered all sorts of problems, so I've a lot of tips to give, based on my experience in coding with SAS.

My experience in Business Intelligence is based on the following functional areas: Insurance, Finance and Life Sciences.

Many times it was very useful to have this information available. It was not always that easy to remember how to  solve a certain problem. With my collection "Tips and Tricks" it's not that difficult anymore to reconstruct a previous situation.

With this web site I have created a way to make my "Tips and Tricks" more accessible. Maybe you may find something to bring you a step closer to solve a problem.

Martin Houben





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